Meet the most eligible CEO bachelors of 2016

Most eligible CEO bachelors
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Meet the most eligible CEO bachelors of 2016

Jack Dorsey (39), Co-founder and CEO of Twitter and Founder and CEO of Square

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David Karp (29), Founder and CEO of Tumblr

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Alexis Ohanian (33), Co-founder of Reddit

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John Hering (32) , Co-founder and CEO of Lookout

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Brian Chesky (34), Co-founder and CEO of AirBnB

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Bobby Murphy (26 ), Co-founder of Snapchat

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Joe Gebbia (34), Co-founder of AirBnB

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Ben Rattray (35), Founder and CEO of

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Jeremy Stoppelman (38), Co-founder and CEO of Yelp

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Matt Mullenweg (32), Founder of Automattic

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Dear future husband...

We took a look at the CEOs and founders of major companies including Tumblr, AirBnB, Reddit, Twitter and Yelp, and it looks like some of the world's top guns have brains and beauty.

So, we decided to celebrate the single men that are currently killing it in the business world. We narrowed it down to a batch of 10 single men that are all serious catches.

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Most of us can probably agree that the men on this list have the handsome, successful and talented thing down. And luckily for all the single folks out there, they aren't married either.

Check out the slideshow above to meet 10 of the most eligible bachelors of 2016!

Now watch to see who landed the No. 1 spot as America's highest-rated CEO:

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