Man sues employer for $400,000 because his job is boring

Man Sues Employer Because His Job Was Boring

If you've never had a boring day at work, you're either a liar or Richard Branson.

But if your job doesn't involve trying to figure out how to skydive from space, you may have something in common with this guy:

A French man is suing his former employer because the job he was doing was just too darn boring.

Frederic Desnard worked for a French perfume company as a manager until he was stripped of nearly all of his responsibilities.

He claims he was asked to take on tasks so menial he began suffering from depression and a host of other emotional issues.

Desnard added that he left work each day with a desperate, sinking feeling, and when he would arrive every morning, he'd often burst in tears.

But he alleges that no one noticed because nobody really cared if he was there.

Now Desnard is suing for damages amounting to more than $400,000 in U.S.

Meanwhile, the defendants claim that in four years, Desnard never came to them and said he was bored with his current gig.

Which is a great argument, until another employee sues for wrongful termination after being let go for complaining to the boss about their job being a total snooze.

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