Jamestown Revival reveals new album is coming soon

Jamestown Revival is about to have a revival of their own.

The Austin-based American rock duo made up of Zach Chance and Jonathan Clay revealed in an exclusive interview with AOL at Stagecoach Music Festival that they're finally ready to drop the follow-up to their successful album, "Utah."

"We're really excited about getting this new album out. We've been riding this album for a long time," Chance said of their plans for their latest record.

And it sounds like fans won't have to wait too much longer to get a taste of their new work.

"It's coming out in September optimistically. I think this record is a bit of an evolution. It's a little bit more band-centric than duo-centric, so we've written a lot of the songs with a bit of a different mindset and recorded songs with a different mindset as well -- a different approach. I would like to affectionately say that this record has a little bit more dimension and a little bit more musical breadth," Clay said. "We still tried inevitably to keep it really raw."

As for their favorite songs from the new album? They like the rowdy, fun ones which they say is really a part of their signature sound.

"There's one called 'Company Man' that's a little bit more rowdy and angry," Chance revealed.

"'Company Man' is kind of our bread and butter," Clay seconded. The duo are currently on a tour throughout the U.S. and will be headed to quite a few fests from BottleRock to the Daytona 500.

Hear more about the new album in the video above.

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