Father and son give pet fish epic viking funeral

Our Attention Span Is Shorter Than That of a ... Oh, Look!
Our Attention Span Is Shorter Than That of a ... Oh, Look!

When a father accidentally killed his son's pet fish, he decided to make up for it by giving it an elaborate and awesome funeral.

Peeping Tom, who got his name from his penchant for spying on people as they showered or took care of business, died at the age of 6 and a half after his owner's father moved his bowl out of the bathroom sunlight.

His owner, who clearly had a strong connection to his pet, took to Imgur to share his story.

"My beloved fish I had for 6 1/2 years, Peeping Tom. Aptly named because he lived in my bathroom. Livin' his life watching people poop and shower. One day his bowl was moved out of the sunlight by my father despite specific instructions to keep his bowl in light. And I came home from work the next day to find my wonderful aquatic companion dead," he wrote. "So, since he was such a valiant creature I decided he deserved a Viking funeral. Here it is..."

They even gave the small ship a cheeky, NSFW, yet comically appropriate name.

The duo crafted a small vessel for their former companion "complete with sail and ornament."

And once all the preparations were set, they placed Tom in his burial boat, lit a match and set him sailing off into the afterlife.

The documentation of their touching and hilarious funeral has garnered millions of views on Imgur, but they're not the first to go big for their small pet fish.

Multiple users have posted similar stories on Reddit as well -- just not quite as fancy.

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