Amy Schumer took over someone's Tinder profile and it got pretty damn hilarious

Amy Schumer on Tinder
Amy Schumer on Tinder

Looking to improve your love life? Look no further than Amy Schumer.

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For the comedian's latest cover for "Vanity Fair," she spent some time swiping left and right on a stranger's Tinder account and it got really, really funny.

Stealing Andrea's phone, Schumer was well on her way to finding Andrea a match.

There were people like James...

Photo cred: Vanity Fair

Ehod, who got no love from Amy.

Photo cred: Vanity Fair

And of course Abe, who was won over thanks to his super cute dog.

Photo cred: Vanity Fair

Take 10 minutes out of your day and watch the full video above. We dare you not to laugh.

Check out more Amy Schumer love in the gallery below!

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