These girls duked it out in an epic Twitter battle to see who could fit more pens on her face

Two Girls Battle It Out In Epic Pen Challenge On Twitter
Two Girls Battle It Out In Epic Pen Challenge On Twitter

First, there was the cinnamon challenge.

Then, the firespray challenge.

And now, as a final testament to the fact that the internet has lost its damn mind, we have "the pen challenge."

Two girls decided to procrastinate on their homework by inventing a bizarre new competitive game — and their epic battle has blown up on Twitter.

A girl named Lauryn started things off, tweeting, "I'm trying to revise but instead I decided to see how many pens I can hold with my head."

As it turns out, 11 was her lucky number.

When another girl by the name of Rebzy saw the initial post, she accepted Lauren's tacit challenge, and used her glasses to help her hold 14 pens.

The battle escalated quickly from there, with the entire Twitterverse taking notice and cheering them on.

The number of pens climbed from 30 to 75, jumping up to 179 plus 3 rulers.

Ultimately, Rebzy came out victorious, holding an impressive 242 pens on her face.

And over the course of the battle, people laughed with them:

Worried for them:

Praised their motivation:

Questioned their sanity:

And sat intensely on the edge of their computer chairs:

While fitting such a large number of writing utensils on one's face is certainly an insane feat in and of itself, perhaps the most impressive part of the challenge, as one Twitter user pointed out, is that Rebzy had 242 pens in her possession.

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