10 desserts around the world that'll cost you over $1,000

World's Most Expensive Chocolate Pudding
World's Most Expensive Chocolate Pudding

Gone are the days of indulging in a scoop of vanilla ice cream after a wholesome home-cooked meal.

These chefs around the world are whipping up desserts that will change everything you thought you knew about dessert, while also making a hefty dent in your bank account.

From edible gold to diamond rings and flown-in caviar, these desserts are seriously next-level—including one that costs just under $4M.

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Yes, you could probably buy a few houses for that price, but realistically what does a new house have on some marinated strawberries?

If you have a killer sweet tooth, these dishes might serve as a proper indulgence for you.

That is, of course, if you have at least over $1,000 to blow on a once in a lifetime experience for your taste buds.

In fairness, the edible gold dust will probably serve you well in memory.

Here are 10 desserts around the world that will cost you over $1,000:

For most of these desserts, it's a combination of the experience and rarity of the ingredients that make them so indulgent.

But for the real heavy hitters on this list, it's more about the trinkets and collectors' items that you get to keep once (and if) you finish the delectable delicacy.

For some, a combination of sweets served over some Dom Perignon might only be the cherry on top of the gorgeous diamond they're receiving alongside it.

If that doesn't exactly suit your lifestyle, feel free to whip out that carton of ice cream and drool over these pictures instead.

We'll probably be doing the same.

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