Young girl finds slimy razor blade at bottom of Wendy's soda

Razor Blade Found in Wendy's Soda Cup
Razor Blade Found in Wendy's Soda Cup

A New Hampshire mom took to Facebook last week to express her disgust after her daughter found an unwelcome and potentially dangerous surprise at the bottom of her soda cup -- a razor blade, covered in an unidentified brownish slime.

"I am beside myself, sick to my stomach," Aubrey Simonds post began. "Shaky, disgusted and so THANKFUL my child didn't get hurt from this ..."

Since being uploaded, the skin-crawling photos have garnered over 600 shares and 86 comments from people equally infuriated by the incident.

According to The Keene Sentinel, the incident prompted investigations by both the restaurant and the city of Keene.

John L. Rogers, Keene's acting health director, confirmed the incident Monday afternoon, saying it was first reported to the Keene Police Department which then contacted his office Monday morning.

He investigated the complaint soon after, and said that it is likely the razor blade was used by an employee of a cleaning company Thursday night to clean the stoves, and then it was thrown away.

It is believed that a Wendy's employee then found the discarded razor blade in the trash, and, concerned someone might get cut by it, put the blade in a cup with the intention of disposing of it.

However, Rogers speculates that the employee didn't take care of it right away, and another employee accidentally filled the cup with soda and gave it to a customer.

Simonds says her daughter took a few sips of "whatever nastiness this is," but is doing just fine.

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