Yearbook prank leads to felony charge for teen

Yearbook Prank Leads to Felony Charge for Teen

A high school football player is facing some serious consequences after a dare took a turn for the worse.

Red Mountain High School student Hunter Osborn faces felony charges of indecent exposure after flashing the photographer in the team's yearbook photo.

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Due to the small size of the photo, the prank went unnoticed for months.

But then 250 people received a copy of the yearbook, some of them minors.

The school has since recalled the hardcopies, but Osborn is facing some steep repercussions.

Counting all those present for the team photo, the teen has been slapped with 69 counts of indecent exposure!

He also faces one count of furnishing harmful items to minors.

See reactions to the stunt on social media:

High school football player faces felony charge for exposing himself social media reactions
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Yearbook prank leads to felony charge for teen
#Hunter #Osborn, Ariz. high school student, faces 70 charges for yearbook photo prank...
Do they want to ruin his life?
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Osborn has since admitted he's "disgusted" with himself, but he could still spend the rest of his life labeled as a pedophile, not to mention face serious jail time.

As for the students of Red Mountain, many have expressed dismay at what they view as a seemingly harmless dare from teammates.

A petition has been started demanding leniency with the author of the petition saying, "Red Mountain High School is using him as a scapegoat instead of taking any responsibility."

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