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If you're not one of his over half a million social media followers, you may not know who Chris O'Flyng is. But that's all about to change. The YouTube celebrity -- who has been captivating audiences with his videos that showcase everything from his candid thoughts on sexuality to daredevil stunts -- has been making a name for himself in the social space over the past year. His followers can attest to the fact that you know what you get with Chris O'Flyng; he's always delivering on unique clips that are destined to go completely viral.

And now he's ready to take the next step and try his hand in other parts of the entertainment industry, including writing, directing, and acting in feature-length films. With O'Flyng's meteoric success in the social world, we're willing to bet that his latest projects are sure to take off just the same.

So before he becomes a household name, you can get to know O'Flyng on a more personal level. We recently spoke with the young creator about how he got his start in the YouTube world and how he's transitioning into more traditional media. Ahead, find out what it was like for Chris to go from a YouTube duo to a solo act, what he's learned from social media, and more!

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Just loungin..

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How did you decide to start your YouTube channel?
So it started almost five years ago. I loved YouTube so much and I remember watching Smosh and I distinctly remember the day when Ryan Higa got to a million subscribers. I thought to myself "Oh my word, a million subscribers -- that's insane!" I was super into watching the numbers. I loved every aspect of YouTube but I was a fanboy. So I convinced my friend Luke Korn -- who is also a YouTuber -- that we should make videos together. For the next three years we did that. The channel that we made together, UncleKornicob, is still his channel's name, but I eventually left. I was in high school and wanted to explore more traditional high school life. I quit and he picked it up and did it own his own thing, and ended up making a name for himself.

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Skeptical about these Spectacles.

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About two years ago, I was looking for something to do -- at this point, things were crazy in my life and I didn't have anything going for me -- so I decided I was going to make a YouTube video. I just created a pretty basic one called "My name is Chris O' Flyng" on the channel I used to own five years ago that didn't have any videos on it. I did that and thought I would post every week and use Luke as my resource. So I did it and it worked! Over the past year and half I've been establishing this channel and making it work.

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Happy to be happy!!! :)

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Was there a learning curve for you going back into the YouTube world after taking a break?
Yeah there was definitely a learning curve because in the beginning it was all about being a filmmaker. I would focus on the angles and shots and Luke will edit. Then when I got back into it, it was me doing everything. I had to promote it, film it all myself, and edit it. It was huge. Then there are the specific ways people position their thumbnails and titles, and it really was a whole new world that I never thought about. To me, the vidoes were always about the right shot, but there was so much more to it that I had to explore. I'm still learning every time I post a new video.

What is one piece of advice you wish you had received before getting back into YouTube?
To do what I want to do and make it work. In the beginning it was always about what everyone else was doing and less about my own abilities. I wish people would have told me to just focus on myself and screw everything else.

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