This dog is incredibly loyal to his best friend... until pizza is involved

Dog's best friend: Watch this pup paw his favorite toys

As man's best friend, it seems only fair that dogs would pick up on their owner's quirks over time.

An adorable puppy named Benji is living proof of said theory, as evidenced by a video showing off his inherited passion for pizza.

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Benji is filmed in a series of mini clips as his owner repeatedly asks him to point to his best friend from an array of toys. Each time he lifts his paw and points to the peanut butter to his jelly, his stuffed moose BFF.

His unwavering dedication is put to the test, however, when his owner adds a slice of cheesy goodness to the mix before posing the same question.

Benji crumbles under the pressure, lifting his paw this time to point to the pizza slice instead.

Dogs, they're just like us!

See more photos of Benji, the pepperoni-loving pup below.

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This dog is incredibly loyal to his best friend... until pizza is involved
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