The average retirement age in all 50 states

These Retirement Tips Can Change Your Life
These Retirement Tips Can Change Your Life

When is the right time for you to retire? Of course this varies on a case by case basis, but it can be helpful to see when other seniors in your state or region are leaving the workforce when it comes time to make your decision.

SmartAsset analyzed U.S. Census Bureau microdata on labor force participation over a 5 year span to determine the average age of retirement at both the national and state level.

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According to SmartAsset, the average age to retire across the country is 63 -- but there's quite a range on a state level.

Most of the states with the youngest average retirement age fall in the Appalachian and Southeast regions, including West Virginia, Kentucky, South Carolina and Georgia. Many of the states with the oldest average retirement age land in the Northeast, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Click through to see where your state falls on the age scale:

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