Lou Holtz endorsed Donald Trump because he likes his hotels and golf courses

Trump's full-court press in Indiana

As the race for the White House continues to heat up and we're getting closer to knowing who the nominees for each major political party will be, the attention of all campaigns is on Indiana, which holds its suddenly all-important primary on Tuesday.

The front runner on the Republican side, Donald Trump, as picked up several endorsements lately from popular sports figures in the Hoosier State. Last week, it was former Indiana Hoosiers basketball coach Bob Knight who introduced Trump at a rally.

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Now, former Notre Dame Fighting Irish head football coach Lou Holtz who is saying he wants Donald Trump as the next commander in chief. In an online video, Holtz explained the reason for his endorsement and it's just as crazy as you would expect coming from the polarizing former sideline general:

Now, before the hate mail from Donald Trump supporters starts coming in, I'm not calling Holtz crazy for endorsing Trump in the GOP primaries. I'm saying the idea of voting for someone because his "golf courses and hotels are first class" is the reason people are growing tired of politics.

There are most likely people voting for all the candidates in both major parties that are supporting their candidate for equally insane reasons. If you haven't already had a chance to vote in your state's primary (or you have and now wait for the general election), please study the candidates positions and make a decision based on more than the fluffiness of towels or how the greens play.

Donald Trump currently sits in the lead in both Indiana, with a win pushing him even closer to the Republican Party's nomination. On the Democratic Party side, former Secretary of State and U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton is all but assured of the nomination even if she loses every state left to Senator Bernie Sanders.

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Lou Holtz endorsed Donald Trump because he likes his hotels and golf courses

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