Kit Kat unveils bizarre new candy bar flavor

Americans Try Exotic Japanese Kit Kats - Part 2
Americans Try Exotic Japanese Kit Kats - Part 2

Kit Kat already has a history of breaking away from traditional candy bars with flavors like Cherry Blossom, sake and Azuki bean -- but its newest creation may be one of its most unusual.

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Introducing the Hokkaido melon with mascarpone cheese Kit Kat. Yep, it's a chocolate candy bar that,"features a mild sweetness of Hokkaido melon and a fresh taste of mascarpone cheese," according to Nestle Japan's website.

So it combines melon, cheese and white chocolate ... can't be that bad, right? Well some adventurous snackers are into it. But some find the concoction rather unappealing.

What do you think?

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