John McCain's son Jack is clapping back at racists offended by Old Navy's interracial ad

Old Navy ad with interracial family spurs controversy online
Old Navy ad with interracial family spurs controversy online

U.S. Navy Lt. Jack McCain, son of former Republican presidential candidate and Arizona Sen. John McCain, got personally involved Tuesday in an ugly Twitter war over an interracial couple recently featured in an Old Navy ad.

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McCain, whose spouse Air Force Reserve Capt. Renee Swift McCain is a black woman, responded to internet racists who felt the ad promoted "miscegenation" by posting photos of his very happy-looking marriage to Twitter.

McCain also mocked racists who insulted him for daring to post a photo of himself and his wife.

Swift McCain also posted her own image of her and her husband, saying they had "bought something" at the retail chain to support Old Navy's embrace of multiracial families.

Gallup polling shows a huge supermajority of Americans, 87%, support interracial marriage, while Pew studies have shown almost all young people see absolutely nothing wrong with it. So the McCains are in solid company, and the haters are just that.

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