Boy details epic Dubai trip coming out of anesthesia -- and it's hilarious

Must Know About Anesthesia
Must Know About Anesthesia

It's common for patients to experience confusion, disorientation, or difficulty thinking clearly when coming out of anesthesia. But one boy's side effects seemed to be quite extreme -- and it's hilarious.

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A boy named Brandon apparently had the time of his life in Dubai while under the drug.

In a knee-slapping viral YouTube video he seemed to check in and out of reality screaming about things he bought on his trip.

"I bought a camel bro ... we were in the wickey wickey wickey West man ... we were walking so far," he chanted.

Then his speech started to slur, almost as if he was attempting to make a rap song about his lavish excursion.

"Why you laughing man?" he asked before someone (possibly his mom) told him to keep his voice down.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry ... man Dubai was liiiiiiit," he screamed.

And if that's not enough to make you chuckle, his next answer is likely to have your stomach in knots.

"Did you buy anything else in Dubai?" the woman asked him.

"Did I buy anything else? I bought like billions of strippers!" he declared.

The video wrapped with him questioning everyone in the room.

"Who you laughing at man?" he asked.

Well Brandon, we are laughing at your story ... in fact the whole internet is probably laughing at your entertaining trip.

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