Chris O'Flying dishes about his newest movie

Chris O'Flying dishes about his newest movie

Chris O'Flyng may have gotten his start on Youtube, but that doesn't mean he only has his sights set on the social space. The young creator recently decided to take the next big leap in the entertainment industry and will be starring in his first ever film, titled "Soul Reaper."

The indie horror flick, written and directed by newcomer James Crow, follows Mike (played by Chris O'Flyng), a brave teen from a small town in Wisconsin who is the sole survivor of an accident in the woods. A cross between "Cabin in the Woods" and "Shapeshifter," the film will showcase O'Flyng like never before. It will be a real treat for his over half a million social media followers who have grown to love him for his YouTube videos full of O'Flyng's signature off the rails antics and engaging vulnerability.

Before his film hits big screens everywhere, find out about what it was like for Chris O'Flying to film the feature, what the hardest part about performing was, and his plans for the future!

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What has it been like for you acting in a feature length film?
It's been really interesting. I just got the script and I'm working on how I'm going to develop the character. It's been interesting since I've never done acting in this setting. I've done theater and always been good at overacting, and even though I relate to this character really well, I'm so used to theatric acting. I'm trying to tone it down enough so it looks good but it still resembles me.

What's the biggest difference you've learned producing content that's not for the internet?
The worst thing about it is the fact that I'm an actor and I'm not the whole creative visionary. I'm so used to just putting everything together myself and making it mine. This is a challenge to limit myself and focusing on just the acting aspect of the movie.

Is this something that you would like to pursue in the future?
I like the visionary part of it. For me, it's about making the video rather than being in it. Because of that, if I'm writing a script, I could see myself gravitating towards acting more in the future. But I love the creative aspect more.

Where do you see the progression of your career going in the next few years?
If I do dive into these bigger projects, I don't want to step away from YouTube channels. What I hope to do is focus my energy towards making on the bigger, more meaningful projects and focus on things that really lie close to my heart.

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