Chris O'Flying dishes about his creative process

Chris O'Flyng isn't your typical social creator. The YouTube sensation, who boasts more than half a million social media followers, is known for his larger-than-life antics and satirical videos. On the flip-side, O'Flyng's YouTube content also focuses on more emotional content, giving viewers a glimpse into his personal thoughts.

Both of these concepts come to life in Chris's "Chris Off The Rails" series, a feature that showcases the young YouTuber in some of his realest moments. They're videos his dedicated fans look forward to routinely.

We recently sat down with O'Flyng to discuss his latest video project, how he conceptualizes his videos, and more! Ahead, find out how O'Flyng creates his signature "Off The Rails" clips, how he views the relationship between him and his fans, and the truth behind his out-there video stunts.

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What is it like for you to do videos that put you out of your comfort zone?
When I first started out, me and Luke (my former YouTube partner) were doing truth or dare videos. Luke always did less crazy things -- although there was one time when he also spray painted his face-- but when I was doing the truth or dares with Luke, we were trying to do the extreme. It feels like so long ago but we did things like eating flour or a spoonful of mustard.

Since then it's been about taking things to the next level and trying to do something crazy or insane. My fans always worry for me, but I don't really hurt myself. Even the video where I ate glass, I really just made it look like I was bleeding and then did this whole skit. I did chew on it, but the bleeding wasn't real. Everything that I do in my videos is a stunt. I would never harm myself even a little bit for my videos even though I make things look crazy and dangerous. My thumbnails might look extreme, but when you really watch the video there's some sort of message I'm unfolding so I take the satirical route as much as I can.

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How do you conceptualize your more intimate videos?
For me, it's just inspiration in the moment. My favorite thing about making videos is the artistic side of it. If I could, I would make something super personal and deep every week, but the fact is I can't do that. Sometimes I resort to other silly or crazy things. Recently I had a video about testing sex products but the whole video is a satire and comedy on society and the way they view sex. I try my best to take a topic and look at it from a different angle in a more innocent way. For the deeper videos, I always like to pull concepts from my own life. Once I have an idea, I'll mull it over for a week or so. I love to dive into my work and perfect it over a week or two.

How did you form your series "Chris Off The Rails"?
I wanted an excuse where I could do everything in the moment and creatively run with it. I really wanted a platform where I could bring whatever I wanted to it. It wasn't meant to be a series, but it ended up becoming one. It's just me doing everything and anything I feel like. Usually I have three hours of footage and cut it up into three minutes of the craziest moments that reflect who I really am. What I want these videos to be is a whole ton of personality all packed up into a few moments.

What's your dynamic like between you and your fans?
I like to interact with my fans all the time. I love to favorite their tweets and respond to them. All in all, I try my best to get to know them. Sometimes they'll ask for advice, share their questions or even give me video concepts, and I'm always taking those comments into consideration. I'm always trying to make it a real relationship between me and my fans.

YouShouldKnow is a feature that showcases up-and-coming social stars. To see more of past interviews, including more Chris O'Flyng features, click here.

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