Bernie Sanders wins Indiana

Sanders Goes After Clinton, Trump After Primary

Sen. Bernie Sanders pulled off a slight upset in the Indiana Democratic primary on Tuesday.

Several hours after the polls closed, multiple news outlets projected that Sanders would win in the Hoosier State.

Still, its unclear whether Sanders win over Clinton will have any impact on the Democratic race, where Clinton still maintains a substantial lead in popular votes, pledged delegates, and superdelegates.

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Celebrities who endorse Bernie Sanders
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Bernie Sanders wins Indiana

Killer Mike of Run the Jewels 

The rapper has been very vocal within the hip-hop community about his endorsement of Sanders, and even introduced him at an Atlanta rally. 

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Danny DeVito 

In August 2015, the 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' actor took to Twitter, saying, "Bernie're our only hope Obi-Wan Kenobi". 

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Mark Ruffalo

Ruffalo used Twitter to share his political stance on January 17th of this year, saying, "@BernieSanders is preferred 2-1 by young people because they know his means what he says."

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Susan Sarandon 

In June of last year, Sarandon posted a video titled 'Flashback: Rep. Bernie Sanders Opposes Iraq War' along with the caption "We need a leader who is courageous and levelheaded in times of crisis:Bernie Sanders ‪#‎Bernie2016‬.

The liberal activist has since been seen campaigning for Sanders in Portland, Maine and introducing him on the campaign trail. 

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Belinda Carlisle

Back in August of last year, the lead singer of The Go-Go's tweeted, "yes, I switched candidate!" above an announcement that Bernie Sanders would be joining CNN's State of the Union. 

Ever since then she has been an avid supporter on social media. 

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Justin Long 

The 'Dodgeball' actor introduced Bernie Sanders at a campaign event in Des Moines shortly before the Iowa Caucus. 

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Sarah Silverman 

Sarah Silverman was among other celebs who headlined a fundraiser for the presidential candidate at Hollywood’s Laugh Factory on January 26th. 

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George Lopez 

After tweeting "WATCHA I Am #feelingthebern. Today I'm proud to officially endorse @BernieSanders for President" late last year, the actor has made headlining appearances at Sanders' fundraising events. 

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Spike Lee 

After citing his endorsement on a radio show recently, he elaborated on his commitment to Sanders, saying: “Bernie was at the March on Washington with Dr. King. He was arrested in Chicago for protesting segregation in public schools. He fought for wealth and education equality throughout his whole career. No flipping, no flopping. Enough talk. Time for action.”

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This means it is still unlikely that Sanders will be able to catch up to the former secretary of state unless he scores massive upset wins in remaining contests like California, where he currently trails in most polls.

But the senator has suggested recently that he does not plan to get out of the race anytime soon.

In a Sunday press conference in Washington, DC, the Democratic presidential candidate promised repeatedly he would take the campaign to a contested convention. And after briefly appearing to halt his rhetorical jabs at Clinton, the Vermont senator reprised his attacks on her alleged coziness with the financial industry.

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