10 cheap fast food hacks to slash the cost of your bill

Fast-Food Chains Compete to Offer the Most Food for the Least Money
Fast-Food Chains Compete to Offer the Most Food for the Least Money

We love fast food because it's quick, easy, and sometimes we just feel like giving into that greasy goodness.

But the true allure of fast food restaurants is that, plain and simple, they're cheap.

Though most fast food picks won't necessarily leave you with great options nutritionally, if you're looking for something fast and inexpensive, a meal here and there will do the trick.

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And what's even better than a cheap meal? Getting the same meal for even cheaper.

We rounded up 10 pretty genius hacks to lessen the cost of certain menu items at the most popular fast food restaurants.

Here are our 10 best picks:

Oftentimes, it's all about getting creative. Combining or customizing certain menu items can give you a much cheaper (and maybe even tastier) option of the item that you're craving.

So whether you're a McNugget lover or a loyal Krispy Kreme dessert-er, there's always ways to slash the cost of your favorite fast food fix.

Now, check out how the price of a milkshake varies at different fast food joints around the world:

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