Website offers 'granny on-demand' service in honor of Mother's Day

Just as easily as you can order takeout or hail an Uber, you can now request that a real-life grandma be delivered to your door.

The service, appropriately titled, "Granny On-Demand," is the Mother's Day-inspired PR stunt thought up by the video messaging service company, KeepTree.

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Available only this upcoming Friday, May 6, the service will allow customers to "submit a location, time and personal request to schedule a visit, get a hug - and even record a video to send to Mom!"

That's not all. Users will also be able to request one of four "types" of grannies to visit, choosing from either "The Worrier," who's always looking out for you, "The Talker," who's usually bragging about her grandchildren or telling stories, "The Forgetter," who constantly calls you by your sibling's name, or "Insta-Grandma," who's impressively up-to-date with technology.

The company's goal is to build hype around their product, having customers use "KeepTree's patented FutureSend technology," to "record with your Granny On-Demand and set the video to deliver to Mom on Mother's Day."

Check out their site here to "reserve" the Granny of your choosing.

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