This terrifying video of a kangaroo was ripped straight from the depths of your darkest nightmares

You know kangaroos, the cute lil' guys who live down under and carry their babies in their pouches?

You're probably familiar with them looking something like this.


Totally cute and harmless, right?


As a video currently making the rounds on Twitter shows, while kangaroos may facade as friendly marsupials in popular culture (cc: "Winnie the Pooh" and "Kangaroo Jack,") they are actually terrifying hell beasts who would kill you and your whole family given the chance.

See for yourself below.


What is even with those claws.

And that body slam ... shudders

We're just happy for @sailkocat that the glass between her and that beast was strong enough to hold him back ... because we've all seen what happens when it's not.


(h/t NY Mag)

Need to recover after that? Take a look at this baby kangaroo, who LOVES to cuddle:

Baby Kangaroo Likes to Be Cradled
Baby Kangaroo Likes to Be Cradled