This 2-headed dragon eating in unison with itself is the trippiest thing you'll ever see

Two-Headed Dragon in China Has a Snack
Two-Headed Dragon in China Has a Snack

Every once in a while, you start to think you've seen it all.

Well, we're here to remind you that no, you haven't.

A reptile seller in China shared an unusual video of a two-headed bearded dragon using both of its mouths to feed on some insects, and it has since blown up online.

The somewhat creepy yet oddly zen video, posted on Facebook by Goodshop GS, shows the two-headed and six-legged bearded dragon snacking on some insects in nearly perfect unison.

Seriously, we know its rude to stare, but just look at that synchronization.

After being viewed a staggering 3 million times and being shared over 50,000 times, the video began to attract the attention of some rather notable people.

According to the reptile shop, the bearded dragon, which was born in China last year, was recently sold to Venice Beach Freakshow owner Todd Ray.

And seriously, with a glamour shot like this, it's no wonder he's currently en route to Los Angeles.

We just hope he doesn't let the fame go to his heads.

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