Tate Lovett is the rising social star you need to know about

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Tate Lovett may only be 15-years-old, but he's already made a significant impact on the social media industry. He's been a popular influencer across all platforms, including YouTube, Vine, and Instagram. He's mastered the art of videos that focus on funny viral challenges to travel vlogs and everything in between. Since starting his YouTube channel, Lovett has already amassed over 160,000 views. On top of that, his Vine channel boasts over 450,000 loops and his Instagram has 13,000 avid followers.

It's no surprise with his reach that Lovett has hardcore fans. We recently caught up with Lovett during this year's Playlist Live in Orlando -- the event that brings together some of the best online creators of our generation to meet their fans up close and personal -- about his craziest fans interactions, how he rose to social media fame, and what he hopes he will achieve in 2016.

What brings you to Playlist Live this year and is this your first year here?
This is my second year! I came because I was really excited to see my friends who came here last year. Hopefully we can make some videos together and can spread the reach of my channel a bit more.

How did you get your start on social media?
With my channel, I've been making videos forever. I was posting on MySpace before YouTube was a thing. I made lots of funny videos with my friends and people seemed to like them so I started making more and more. The following started growing in the hundreds per week and then earlier in 2014 Taylor Kenneth, a popular Vine star, picked me up and I started doing a couple of shows with him. He shouted out my channel so much so it gave me the perfect platform to be posting every single week.

What is your favorite thing about social media?
That I'm able to do something different than the usual high school experience and I can get a job that I would actually like doing. I'm printing my own merchandise and planning 100% of my own events so the profit is going towards my future projects.

Whats there every a moment you had when you realized you could really make Vine a big part of your life?
Yes! Before I was on the tour, I did photography and everyone really liked me because I was the cute photography kid who had a YouTube channel. So I was on top of the roof taking a video of everybody and instead of chanting Taylor Kenneth's name, they were chanting my name. It was the coolest thing ever. It was an surreal moment.

Do you have a favorite fan moment?
I was in a big mob of people and someone stole my wallet! Another time I was in a mall and I got mob. And I was trying to take a Snapchat of everyone. And someone bumped my arm and one thing led to another and my phone fell off this balcony. It almost hit this mom who was in the mob, so I run down and find that she was taking photos on my phone. She said that she would give me my phone back if I followed her daughter on Twitter. My phone wasn't cracked or anything which was really insane, but that stuck with me.

What is like balancing your school life with your online one?
A couple of years back when I was in public school, the YouTube scene was weird. No one really like it. I tried one school out and it didn't really work so I went to another right as I started to do shows. It's not a normal thing that high school kids do, to just sell out VIP meet and greets.

What are you most excited for in 2016?
It's been really cool so far. I came from doing three shows a year to two -- one free and one paid -- a month. I've been making a lot of really cool videos too. I'm really excited to continue with both.

What is your favorite emoji right now?
My most used are weird ones. I use the fire emoji, the rocket ship, and the pray hands all the time.

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Tate Lovett is the rising social star you need to know about
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