Princess Charlotte has received better gifts during her first year on Earth than you have in your entire life

New Princess Charlotte photos released ahead of her 1st birthday
New Princess Charlotte photos released ahead of her 1st birthday

Princess Charlotte, who is both a baby and a princess, turns 1 on May 2. Kensington Palace released a list of the gifts that she's received during her first year on this Earth — because what's the point of being a very fancy baby if you're not going to brag about it? — and she's done pretty well for herself. Here's what she's raked in so far:

• President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama left her a jigsaw puzzle and a stuffed-animal version of their dog, Bo, during their visit last month.

• A book of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales from Prime Minister David Cameron, which, to be perfectly honest, is a very basic baby gift.

• Former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper gave Charlotte a snowsuit and a book, and also donated $100,000 in her name to the nonprofit Immunize Canada while he was in office. No word yet as to what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will do to top him.

Photos from the princess's first birthday:

• Silk figurines based on Dream of the Red Chamber from Chinese President Xi Jinping.

• The Australian government and the prime minister of New Zealand went head-to-head in the wool-goods department. The former sent a Tasmanian wool cot blanket, while the latter sent "a selection" of Stansborough wool teddy bears, baby blankets, and booties. Sorry, Australia, try harder next time.

• Charlotte has been gifted more rattles than one baby could possibly know what to do with. Prince Charles, her grandfather, gave her a handwoven willow rattle from Ireland. She also has a silver rattle that was gifted to her from the president of Mexico and his wife. But the most ostentatious of all is an 18-karat white-gold rattle from the Natural Sapphire Company that's decorated with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. It's estimated to be worth around $45,000, or more than your current salary.

• Aunt Pippa Middleton gave her biodegradable natural diapers "valued around $6." Oh, hmmmm. That does seem like the sort of thing Pippa would do, doesn't it?

Happy Birthday, Princess Charlotte! You're well on your way to KonMari-ing by age 4.

More photos of the royal family:

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