One stylist's predictions for this year's Met Gala fashions

Met Gala 2016 Preview
Met Gala 2016 Preview

The Met Gala never falls short when it comes to impressive fashions, but this year is going to be crazier than ever. With the theme Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology, there's no telling what we're in for.

To get a little bit of insight into how designers might be harnessing the futuristic theme in the pieces we'll see on the red carpet, we chatted with celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger.

Erlanger has styled the likes of Lupita Nyong'o, Hilary Swank, Hayden Panettiere, Jennifer Hudson, Olivia Palermo, Catherine Zeta-Jones and more for the biggest red carpet events in history. Needless to say, we knew she was the perfect industry expert to dish on Met Gala fashion predictions.

"The thing that's really cool about the met ball is that this is really an opportunity for designers to take the reigns and cultivate some of the most glamorous fashion forward looks that one can wear on the carpet," Erlanger said.

"This is different from awards season, different from Cannes, different from the Oscars. It's grand and incredibly formal. It's traditionally a dress code that is white tie, which is about as fancy as it gets. So that mixed with the creativity and diversity of various designers means that the carpet is one that's sort of unlike any other. And as a stylist, I collaborate with the various designers and with each of my clients on their Met Ball looks, and then creativity lends itself to sort of this really exciting interpretation of a theme," the stylist said.

So what can we expect on this year's tech-themed red carpet?

"I think we're going to see a mish-mash like we do every year," Erlanger said. "We're going to see people who take the theme really literally with light up dresses or unusual silhouettes or 3D printing, but I also think you're going to see some real ingenuity and technique, because you can also interpret this theme as new tech styles and new technology used to design...It doesn't have to be that 3D-printed dress, it could be about beadwork or laser cutting, and I'm thrilled to see how that's interpreted."

We're equally thrilled to see how that's interpreted, and we can't wait to see what Erlanger's clients show up wearing!

See photos of last year's red carpet arrivals at the Met Gala:

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