Mysterious 'scour marks' spotted in Caspian Sea

Mysterious 'Scour Marks' Spotted In Caspian Sea

An image taken of the North Caspian Sea earlier this month puzzled even NASA scientists.

According to Yahoo News, it shows what appears to be a concentration of scour marks crisscrossing a section of the water.

The agency even sent out a tweet challenging the public to identify the strange phenomenon.

Though there were suggestions that it could be the result of a propeller or motor boats, the source was confirmed by a Russian scientist.

A NASA news release quotes Stanislav Ogorodov with Lomonosov Moscow State University as saying, "Undoubtedly, most of these tracks are the result of ice gouging."

He explains that the water being examined has a relatively shallow depth of about 10 feet.

According to the Weather Channel, pieces of wintertime ice cover can clump together through wind or water forces, and they can sometimes reach the seafloor; thus, when these clusters get moved by currents, the scraping marks appear.

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