John Oliver sums up last 17 years in 3 Minutes for cicadas (Video)

Cicadas set to emerge after 17 years underground
Cicadas set to emerge after 17 years underground

In lieu of a new episode of "Last Week Tonight" this week, John Oliver took three and a half minutes to give an update of the last 17 years to some bugs.

With scientists predicting that this summer will see a huge surge in cicadas emerging from the ground for the first time since 1999, Oliver took a few minutes to update them on what they've missed in politics, technology and pop culture.

In the web exclusive, Oliver takes shots at everything from Jeb Bush's failed presidential bid to Macklemore's shocking Grammy's upset. He also explains that the internet has undergone a lot of changes since 1999, including the invention of YouTube, "a video distribution platform where teenagers become famous for playing video games and opening boxes."

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"The lead singer of R&B group Destiny's Child is basically our queen now," Oliver joked, commanding the cicadas to bow down at the feet of Beyoncé.

"And finally — and amazingly — we all just stopped paying for music and porn, and I think we've gotten away with it," he says.

Watch the video above.

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