How much exercise does it take to boost your brain power?

How much Exercise does it take to Boost Your Brain Power?

Exercise is good for your body, but did you realize how good it is for your mind, too?

New research shows that beyond obvious health benefits, exercise can also improve memory.

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The medical journal NeuroImage recently published a study, which found that exercise helps your brain grow bigger.

That, in turn, triggers the growth of new cells in the brain's memory bank. This growth helps ward off Alzheimer's disease.

The effects were tested by University of Kentucky researchers, who put 30 men and women in their 50s and 60s through heart and lung tests while running on the treadmill. They then followed up with brain scans.

The results found that blood flow to the brain was higher in more fit individuals.

The findings line up with another study conducted by the National Institutes of Health, which used mice as the subjects.

In this study, the scientists tracked mice with and without exercise equipment. The mice with running wheels had up to three times as many new brain cells in comparison to the other, lazier mice.

The exercise doesn't necessarily need to be overly rigorous. Research from the University of Pittsburgh has shown that even going for a brisk walk boosted the size of the brain's memory hub and other areas by as much as two percent.

So there's a reason to take a walk today! It's good for your body and mind -- and you may even end up at the ice cream shop, which is good for your soul.

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