'Frozen' fans campaign Disney for gay Elsa

'Frozen' Facts You Should Know Before the Sequel Premieres
'Frozen' Facts You Should Know Before the Sequel Premieres

Apparently, "Frozen" fans aren't going to "Let It Go," Disney — they really want Elsa to be gay.

Or, at least many do. #GiveElsaAGirlfriend became a trending topic on Twitter Monday morning, which almost immediately seemed to divide the social media network.

Those campaigning for such a plot want to see LGBT representation from a major character in a Disney movie — particularly a princess. Plus, "Let It Go" is already such an anthem in the community, and "Frozen" is already one of the more progressive Disney movies to-date.

Those against such a move seem to be protesting on grounds that "Frozen" is a children's movie, and not the appropriate vehicle to take such a stance.

Below is a combination of those for, and those against the grass roots campaign. Readers can let us know where they come down in the comments section, or by tweeting @TheWrap with #GiveElsaAGirlfriend.

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And some opposed:

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