Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton in new poll

Hillary Clinton pivots to general election mode
Hillary Clinton pivots to general election mode

Donald Trump enjoys a two-point lead over Hillary Clinton in a new Rasmussen poll.

Among 1,000 likely voters, Trump chalked up 41 percent support to Clinton's 39 percent. The poll has a three-percent margin for error. This poll differs from most, as Clinton has enjoyed a strong lead of 7.3 points over Trump, according to an average calculated by RealClearPolitics.

The same poll found that 24 percent of voters said they would either abstain from voting in the general election rather than vote for Trump or Clinton or vote for a third-party candidate.

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With several state primaries yet to go, Clinton and Trump have emerged as the clear frontrunners for the nomination in their respective parties.

Trump pulled off a five-state sweep in last week's Northeastern Republican primaries, with Clinton winning four states, the exception being Rhode Island.

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The five-state sweep for Trump is significant as he looks to enter the GOP convention with the 1,237 delegates required for an automatic nomination. Trump is on track, but has little room for error and needs to keep winning to clinch the nomination.

The next big tests are Indiana on May 3, Nebraska and West Virginia on May 10 and Kentucky and Oregon on May 17. But it could all come down to June 7 when California, Montana, New Jersey and New Mexico hold primaries.

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