David Beckham gets a bizarre cake for his birthday


David Beckham celebrated his birthday in epic style!

In honor of his 41st birthday on May 2, the former soccer star got a hilarious looking cake from his kiddos in the shape of a caterpillar. We're not sure if there's something special about the cake, but it seems like a pretty hilarious gift for a grown man.

Becks took a pic with his caterpillar cake and captioned it, "As the night comes to a close I wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes I received and also this delicious caterpillar cake the kids gave me tonight." The cake had four candles along the caterpillars back.

Beckham's oldest son, Brooklyn, with his wife, Victoria, also shared a shot of the birthday celebrations on Instagram. He joked, "Happy Birthday Mr. Guns" and shared a snap of his dad swimming in a sea of gifts.

Earlier in the day, Beckham also thanked his Instagram followers for all their support on his birthday. He shared a video of himself as the sun went down and basking in his 22 million followers.

Happy birthday Becks!

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