Bernie Sanders' fundraising slows considerably

Bernie Sanders' Fundraising Slows Considerably
Bernie Sanders' Fundraising Slows Considerably

Bernie Sanders admits he's got a tough road to climb against Hillary Clinton and things might've just gotten tougher.

Sanders, who has relied heavily on small donations throughout his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, has recently taken a considerable hit in fundraising.

Sanders reportedly pulled in $26 million in donations in April — a far cry from the $46 million he rounded up a month prior and the lowest amount his campaign's reported since January.

The dip in fundraising could help explain why the Vermont Senator's staff laid off more than 200 of his 500-plus campaign workers last week.

Photos of Bernie Sanders' massive NYC rally:

While Sanders trails Clinton by roughly 800 overall delegates, he's vowed not to go down without a fight.

"She will need superdelegates to take her over the top at the convention in Philadelphia. In other words, the convention will be a contested contest," Sanders said on Sunday.

The final Democratic primary will be held on June 14 with the Democratic National Convention scheduled to begin July 25.

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