A massive 4-alarm fire broke out at a New York City church

'Nightmare' Fire Destroys Historic Manhattan Church

A massive fire broke out at the Serbian Cathedral of Saint Sava in New York City on Sunday evening.

It is unclear whether anyone was in the building or how the fire started.

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Massive fire destroys NYC church
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A massive 4-alarm fire broke out at a New York City church
Massive fire inside church on West 25th Street in NYC.
Last night I watched a beautiful Landmark burn to the ground. The Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava was a beautiful, quiet and safe place. It's hard to believe I was inside just 3 hours before the blaze... I'm glad no one was hurt but having such a beautiful building burn down before your eyes is heartbreaking. So much artwork lost. My heart goes out to members of the congregation. Now there's nothing left but bones of the building.
Flames shoot from windows of Serbian Orthodox cathedral in Manhattan https://t.co/8n4Q80dla4 https://t.co/zCE4ZeN3NZ
The landmarked Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava on W 25th St. had one of NY's largest timber hammerbeam roofs. https://t.co/DL2kZmQkTI
Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava burning. @Katers_Potaters and I were inside just 3 hours before. https://t.co/PZeBahS7jl
The 4-alarm fire at the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral has been placed under control. #FDNY #Manhattan https://t.co/uDS4QIGWs2
170 #FDNY members on scene of 4-alarm fire at 25th & Broadway #Manhattan https://t.co/Y9vTqFNBLQ
The Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, Currently Up In Flames, Was Built In The 1850's - https://t.co/XQQMGOIZJi https://t.co/LWe20ZISUb
Hey @NYDailyNews https://t.co/VAMMhFWl9x
https://t.co/rEegT4UwwK https://t.co/zB7SC0S1om
Manhattan: *3rd Alarm Fire* 15 West 25 St. #FDNY Reports, Heavy Fire Throughout a 5 story Church. Fire Remains DWH. https://t.co/dknBzL6ciA
The beautiful Serbian Church on my block is on fire! Im devastated @ABC7NY @FDNY https://t.co/REJs095p7V
Mind-blowing photo of that Serbian church on fire at 24 W 25th St. in Manhattan. So sad. [via @KolHaolam] https://t.co/XwuzwxMSVE
Deadly fire in Catholic Church in Manhattan! 25th street between Fifth and sixth avenue. Praying for survivors https://t.co/8MEDY5hgKw
Huge fire at Serbian Orthodox Church on w 25th street in Manhattan - ppl crying, horrible fire https://t.co/S5qTp2Eg9O
Huge church fire down here on 25th and 6th Ave in #NYC; everyone's standing in the street watching. https://t.co/txRKCIzkUi
😳 Reports coming in on Twitter/Facebook of a massive fire at a church on 25th Street/Flatiron in NYC https://t.co/3gmNp2zLoo
Church on fire, 25th and Broadway - https://t.co/qeSHu82cXQ
The roof has not yet given. Terrible fire at Serbian Orthodox Church on West 26th. #NYC. https://t.co/QsCiYHnpC9
170 #FDNY members on scene of 4-alarm fire at 25th & Broadway #Manhattan

A side of the church, which is located at 20 W. 26th St. in Manhattan, was in danger of collapsing, according to PIX11 News.

The fire broke out around 6:49 p.m., according to the FDNY. It quickly spread to three alarms, and by 8 p.m. the fire had spread to four alarms.

The FDNY was on the scene with about 170 firefighters.

The number of alarms in the FDNY fire-alarm rating system corresponds to the number of firefighters required to respond to the fire. For a two-alarm fire, the FDNY dispatches 25 units and 106 firefighters; a three-alarm fire means 33 units and 138 firefighters; a four-alarm fire means 39 units and 168 firefighters, according to Slate.

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Video Shows Flames Consume Manhattan Cathedral

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