1985 newspaper spookily predicts prices of everyday items in year 2000

Food Crisis Profits
Food Crisis Profits

Few things about the future captivate us like tech innovations, potential historical events and, especially, supermarket prices.

Redditor LDM312 found an old, San Francisco Bay Area newspaper from 1985 that predicted what the prices of common, everyday items would be in the year 2000, based on trends of the day.

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Image: reddit, ldm312

Surprisingly, the prices aren't that far off, and, if anything, are over estimates for the year 2000. For example, things like $94 tires, and a $159 women's sport coat are all within the realm of reality for 16 years ago. However, $11 movie tickets were a bit of an overshot. The average price for a movie ticket in 2000 was between $5 and $6.

However, fast forward to the year 2016, this newspaper would be telling a very different story.


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