11 underrated Trader Joe's must-haves

All the reasons we love Trader Joe's
All the reasons we love Trader Joe's

If there's one thing all smart shoppers know, it's this: One does not simply walk into Trader Joe's. To get out of this Mordor of treats alive, you need a strategy, intimate knowledge of your particular TJ's store layout, and perhaps a mouthguard. But on your next trip, let everyone else fight over the last jar of cookie butter and make a beeline for these lesser-loved-but-equally-amazing snacks, frozen goods, and even cat litter. Behold, a cartful of Bon Appétit staffers' favorite Trader Joe's sleeper hits:

And you can't forget these either:

"The Chimichurri Rice. You can make chicken or shrimp on the side and mix it in (see: my lunch today). I actually passed it off as my own rice-and-shrimp once at a holiday party." -Brendan Bryant, product manager

"Premium Pine Cat Litter. It's basically Feline Pine, which is a highly absorbent natural pellet litter that smells great and breaks down into sawdust when it's wet, so it's safe and easy to flush. But Trader Joe's version costs a lot less than Pine." -Cristina Martinez, production manager

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