These before and after photos show the real effects of heroin use

This is how heroin destroys your body
This is how heroin destroys your body

The heroin and opioid abuse epidemic is hitting America hard with heroin use more than doubling in the past decade among young adults, according to the CDC. While the dire statistics tell the overarching story of the sweeping trend, photos of heroin abusers tell a more individualized side of the story.

The medical help website, New Health Advisor complied images of before and after photos of people who have abused heroin. The website also created a list of the physical changes heroin abuse can have on a person but nothing better documents these changes than the before and after photos of drug abusers.

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Click through to see the shocking before and after images:

The main side effects heroin causes on appearance according to New Health Advisor are:

  • Weight loss due to loss of appetite, or because a heroin abuser may not prioritize eating

  • Painful abscesses caused by harmful chemicals

  • Cellulite caused by repetitive piercing of skin through intravenous injections

  • Scabs on the skin

  • Dark spots on the face and body

  • Serious tooth decay

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