Macy Kate is the pop artist who will be dominating radio stations this summer

Get a behind-the-scenes look at #KanvasLive's coverage of Playlist Live in Orlando, Florida!
Get a behind-the-scenes look at #KanvasLive's coverage of Playlist Live in Orlando, Florida!

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Macy Kate is a force of nature in the music industry. Whether it's her spot on YouTube covers or her powerful original songs, Kate has established her presence in the music world. Her over 25 million YouTube views can attest to that.

With shows alongside Rick Springfield, Aaron Charter, and Flo Rida, she's proved that she can hold her own alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Not only that, but Kate has also solidified her incredible fanbase, which boats over a half a million followers on her social media platforms.

With her new original music premiering soon and infectious covers uploaded every week on YouTube, we're certain that Macy Kate will be dominating radio stations and party playlists all summer long.

We recently sat down with Macy Kate at this year's Playlist Live in Orlando to talk about where her love of music started, what exciting plans she has for the future, and more!

What brings you to Playlist Live and is this your first year here?
This is my fourth year at PLL! I came the first year as a performers friend, I was literally carrying her guitar case, and I wanted ot be in playlist so bad. I pretty much stalked all of the founders and asked to get a set. Finally, they put me on an outside stage and as we progressed I got on the main stage. It was a journey, but it's amazing. I love Playlist, it's so fun.

Are you performing this year? How did it go?
Yeah! I performed yesterday. It was really good! It was a nice crowd


Can you talk a bit about how you fell in love with music?
When I was around 5 years old I started taking piano lessons, and I started training classically. Then, as I got older I didn't like playing classically anymore because it got kind of boring, so I went on YouTube and I looked up tutorials of different songs and covers, and I started doing that. I was in a girl group in Atlanta for a little bit, and then I auditioned for some reality shows, and then I moved to LA and started a YouTube. Now, I'm signed to Flo Rida's label.

How do you manage doing social media posting versus being on tour and playing live and being in the studio?
It's definitely really busy. I'm currently on tour right now with Flo Rida, so I have to stock up on videos and then release them every week. That's the great thing about YouTube is that you can stock up on as many videos as you need. It's been fun! I just have to make sure I record and stock up and also release them on the road. Also, being consistent on YouTube is really important so that's one of my main goals.

What's your favorite thing about youTube?
I would say conventions like this. As much as I love youTube, it does feel like a job sometimes, as much as I don't want it to be that way. I just love what I'm doing, and I love what I'm doing with YouTube. The best part is coming to events like this and meeting other YouTubers and having friends who are doing the same things as you are. Everyone is in the same world, and everyone is so supportive of each other. It's nice to know there are people out there that are doing the same thing. You're not alone.

How do you personally deal with negative comments and blocking out the haters? What advice would you give to other young girls who are maybe facing this on the internet?
When I first started, the negative comments really got to me. But, as you start growing, it's just a brush off the shoulder, you don't even look at the comments. Even if you do, you just laugh. You have to be comfortable with yourself. Especially if you're putting yourself out there on YouTube, you have to know who you are as a person, you have to know your value, and that you're great. Don't care what anyone else thinks, just be confident with yourself. I think that's the key.

What is your favorite thing about music?
Performing live. I started out performing live in a group when I was little, and talent shows, and all of that stuff. Then I started recording in the booth for covers and everything. But the feeling of performing live is like no other feeling. It's like you're signing for people that love music and all have a similar passion. I just performing live.

Do you have a favorite song you've ever done? Whether it be something you've written or something you've done a cover of?
I honestly love, from my original stuff, taking samples of '90s throwback stuff and making the verses and the bridges a little bit different. I love transforming those songs. On my YouTube channel, for the covers, I like to take pop songs and make them into ballads so it has kind of a different meaning. I took a Flo Rida song and I turned it into a complete ballad and it was a totally different outlook on the song. It was crazy, because it's usually this crazy party song, but when you slow it down it gets really intimate you really can hear the lyrics, and it's really cool to hear the slow version of it.

What do you have coming up for the future?
Definitely more videos, hopefully a single this year, and touring all over!

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