Justise Winslow greeted by young fan on court (Video)

Round 1 of NBA Playoffs Winding Down
Round 1 of NBA Playoffs Winding Down

Justise Winslow has earned the hearts of many Miami Heat fans with his terrific defensive game out on the wing as a rookie out of Duke University. Winslow went No. 10 to the Heat in the 2015 NBA Draft after helping the Duke Blue Devils beat the Wisconsin Badgers in the 2015 NCAA National Championship Game in his true freshman year.

He has this mesmerizing effect on hoops fans, as he could be the next superstar player for the Heat once the organization inevitably has to pass the torch from the Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh era. It's incredibly early in his NBA career, but Winslow has the potential to be a Kawhi Leonard type of player for the Heat when he does enter his prime.

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On Sunday, the Heat were up 101-68 with 3:34 remaining in their blowout victory over the Charlotte Hornets in Game 7. While one of his teammates was about to take some free throws, a diehard fan of Winslow just straight up walked on to the court to give the wing a giant hug.

The official politely directed the young fan away from Winslow back to the sidelines. Miami big man Dorrell Wright just couldn't process that a kid was on the court hugging his teammate.

As expected, ABC television commentator Jeff Van Gundy was beside himself in seeing the young fan just out there on the court in this Miami blowout of the Hornets citing, "Where are his parents?"

Winslow is only a rookie and will be an even better player two or three years from now. Seeing a fan come on the court is a rare occurrence in this era of the NBA, but that one really snuck up on all watching the game. Apparently it's easiest if you are wearing your team's colors and it's a blowout victory in your favor.

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