Geico 500 2016: Kurt Busch causes 17-car wreck (Video)

Youth Movement in NASCAR
Youth Movement in NASCAR

Talladega is home to "The Big One" and on Sunday, the 2016 Geico 500 featured one of the biggest wrecks ever. As the race was winding down, Kurt Busch and Jimmie Johnson were aggressively racing each other near the front of the pack.

That's when Kurt Busch got into Johnson, which sent him into the wall and it caused a chain-reaction wreck on the track. It swallowed up half of the field and 17 cars would suddenly find themselves crashing into each other at high speeds in terrifying fashion.

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Many cars would have to be towed off the track, while others were engulfed in flames. There was so much smoke on the track that it was almost impossible to see what was going on, but it clearly took out a majority of the field.

Talladega is always at risk of having some of the bigger wrecks because of the constant high speeds, but the 2016 Geico 500 has seen cars rolling over, drivers destroying their cars and a massive wreck that engulfed half the field.

It's been a wild day of racing.

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