Yasiel Puig holds no ill will towards Giants fan Jared Goff

Yasiel Puig Hits First Home Run, Then Hits The Club
Yasiel Puig Hits First Home Run, Then Hits The Club

On Thursday night, the Los Angeles Rams selected their new franchise quarterback in California Golden Bears' Jared Goff. Goff is a California native, but grew up in the Bay Area cheering on teams like the San Francisco Giants in his childhood.

Interestingly, Goff now plays in the same city as his Giants' biggest rival in the Los Angeles Dodgers. One player that Goff threw a jab at on Twitter while at Cal was Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig, citing "I really hope Yasiel Puig gets a fastball in his ribs tomorrow." Puig took the higher road and openly welcomed Goff to attend any Dodgers games as a "Welcome to LA" sort of gesture.

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The NFL is back in Los Angeles for the first time in Goff's life. Given that professional athletes in the same city frequently support each other in their respective sports, whether or not Goff is keen to the idea, he'll probably end up agreeing to put on some Dodger Blue and attend Dodgers game as Puig's guest.

Puig in his first few years in the MLB has been a bit of a firecracker for Los Angeles. While his obvious power and arm strength are undeniable in the Dodgers outfield, Puig does display the occasional bone-headed play for Los Angeles and is no stranger to riling up opposing fan bases, most notably the arch rival Giants.

Goff may have grown up a huge Giants fan, but now that he's working full-time in Los Angeles as the Rams quarterback, his animosity towards the Dodgers will have to decrease as he'll need all the good vibes in bringing the NFL back to Los Angeles for the first time in over two decades.

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