Watch episode 1 of 'Relationship Status' -- The new show you're going to be addicted to

It's 2016 and dating is nothing at all like it was in the days of your grandparents -- or even your parents! In the digital-driven world we live in, using a particular emoji might mean you're head-over-heels, and the fact that he didn't like your Instagram has to mean he's over it, right? Apps across your phone promise to match you with the perfect guy or girl, and the go-to way we find out if he's date-able is to Facebook stalk.

Enter "Relationship Status," which just premiered today April 29th on the go90 app, a show that explores the realities of romance in 2016 -- its ups, downs, swipes, likes, and friend requests.

In the first episode of this hilarious, endearing and all-too-true show, Laura hasn't heard back from the guy she's been on a few dates with, Church, in a few days. So what else is a girl to do but to cyber-stalk him with her best friends, to find out why?

Watch above for episode 1 of "Relationship Status," and download go90 to follow these characters through the rocky waters that is dating in the digital age.

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