Trump bodyguard once accused of having affair with Marla Maples never Got over the scandal, ex-wife says

Trump Bodyguard Never Got Over Affair Scandal With Marla Maples, Ex-Wife Says
Trump Bodyguard Never Got Over Affair Scandal With Marla Maples, Ex-Wife Says

The ex-wife of Donald Trump's former bodyguard has come forward to discuss the behind the scenes trouble the billionaire had during his marriage to Marla Maples.

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Mary Miller is the ex-wife of Spencer Wagner, a martial arts expert who was hired by Trump as a bodyguard.

Miller told IE that Maples was "out of control" and Wanger "made no bones telling me that."

Miller says Wagner and Maples became close.

"He said she would try to pull him into a bedroom in the house and she was aggressive," she recalled. "She just loved to party a lot. She liked to go down to Miami and party when she was in town."

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Wagner's life was thrown into turmoil after he and Maples were found together late one night just ten minutes from Trump's palatial Mar-A-Lago resort in Palm, Beach, Florida.

It was 4 a.m. and the beach was deserted when a police officer on duty found Maples underneath a lifeguard stand in the company of another man.

A police incident report, dated April 16, 1996, identified the man as the bodyguard, Spencer Wagner. He told the cop who found him that he was alone on the beach.

Then a woman emerged from the shadows and identified herself as Marla Maples.

When the story broke it caused Maples great embarrassment. She claimed she was simply taking a bathroom break on the beach.

Wagner also claimed there was no romance between he and Maples when the story emerged.

But four months later, Trump fired Wagner.

Miller told IE: "It probably bruised his ego big time that here's this big strong Donald Trump and this bodyguard that he hires, ends up looking like he's having sex with his wife!"

After he was fired Wagner changed his story. He told a tabloid newspaper he and Maples had been making out on the beach.

"Our passion boiled over and we made love," he was quoted as saying.

The following year, Trump and Maples announced they were splitting up.

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Wagner's ex-wife says in private conversations, he always insisted that he never cheated with Maples.

"He's just not that kind of guy. He's not. He's not a sleazy guy," she said.

After Trump fired him, he had trouble finding work as a bodyguard. He died on January 1, 2012, of a drug overdose. His ex-wife believes he never really recovered from the scandal that tore apart Maples and Trump's marriage.

"It crushed him," she said.

Maples, who was Trump's second wife, built a new life in California, raising her daughter, Tiffany, now 22. She never remarried. Most recently she appeared on Dancing With The Stars.

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