Tom Brady steps out with a new hairdo -- is anyone else getting serious Justin Bieber vibes?

Tom Brady's New Haircut Gives Off Bruce Jenner Vibes: See the Pic
Tom Brady's New Haircut Gives Off Bruce Jenner Vibes: See the Pic

Tom Brady isn't going to let a little, old thing like Deflategate -- which, ugh, yes, is still ongoing -- stop him from taking bold, innovative hair risks.

The 38-year-old (sometimes?) New England Patriots player stepped out in New York City on Friday and flaunted his new 'do, which includes added length in the back and a feathered bang that must have wife Gisele Bündchen seething with jealousy.

Christopher Peterson/Splash News

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There's an obvious comparison to be drawn between Brady's new cut and the O.G. Justin Bieber, but it's too easy. And it doesn't quite hit the nail on the windswept head.

Christopher Peterson/Splash News

Aww, we miss you baby Justin Bieber and your non-"weird"-white-boy-dreadlocked hair.

What Brady is really rocking is the vintage Bruce Jenner. Very chic. Very '80s. Very #TBT.

Christopher Peterson/Splash News

If only Bündchen would join him with the old-school Kris Jenner look...If only.

The couple recently celebrated their seven-year wedding anniversary and the supermodel shared a romantic photo with her NFL star husband to mark the occasion.

See cute pictures of Tom and Gisele:

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