The luckiest stray dogs in the world live at this sanctuary in Costa Rica

Picture this: You're on a grassy hillside in Central America, cloaked by the soft warmth of the sun, surrounded by hundreds of dogs who want nothing more than to lick your face. That's the dream, right? Well, guess what -- for just the price of a plane ticket to Costa Rica, all your dreams can come true.

Territorio de Zaguates ('Land of the Strays') in the middle of Costa Rica is home to more than 750 stray dogs who have been saved from the streets. Funded totally by donations, the massive sanctuary serves as a place for these dogs to roam safely and freely while being provided with food, medical care and love.

In 2003, Costa Rica made it illegal to euthanize animals, and now over a million homeless dogs live in the country. 'Land of the Strays' has cared for roughly 8,000 of these dogs.

If you visit and fall in love with one of these pups in paradise, fear not, since they are all up for adoption.

Take a look at photos from the sanctuary in the slideshow above, and start planning your trip!

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