Watch the replay: San Francisco, Ohio square off in PRO Rugby

Watch PRO Rugby Live: Ohio vs. San Francisco
Watch PRO Rugby Live: Ohio vs. San Francisco

After another exciting week, PRO Rugby continued on to Week 3 with Ohio and San Francisco both trying to chase their first win of the campaign on Sunday. You can watch a replay of the match in the video player above.

Fans can also watch a full replay of Denver and San Diego's Sunday night match on

Ohio (0-1) fell to Denver in Week 1 and had its bye last weekend. Meanwhile, San Francisco (0-2) has suffered losses to Sacramento and Denver.

PRO Rugby -- the first team-sport professional league to launch in the United States since Major League Soccer in 1993 and Major League Lacrosse in 2001 -- officially kicked off two weeks ago, as Denver got by Ohio, 19-13, in overtime and Sacramento edged San Francisco 37-25 in a rivalry match.

For full rosters of each team,CLICK HERE.

PRO Rugby
PRO Rugby


Rugby is a game of big athletes, no helmets, continuous action and hitting -- a lot of hitting. It requires tenacity and versatility, immense athleticism and endurance, proving to be the ultimate team sport which also meets specialization.

It has a rabid fan base in the United States, and has transformed into the fastest growing youth sport in the nation. With American fans having access to international competition on TV, the desire for more is always there.

In 2007, an estimated 4.2 billion people watched the Rugby World Cup. It is the fifth largest global team sport behind soccer, cricket, basketball and baseball.

Yet in spite of all its popularity around the world, it has no professional league in the U.S. or North America. Well, that is about to end.

This weekend PRO Rugby officially launched in America. Five teams, five cities, over 100 of the best athletes in the world -- all converging on fields across the country.

PRO Rugby is the first team sport professional league to launch in the U.S. since Major League Soccer in 1993 and Major League Lacrosse in 2001.

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