Noted 'misogynist' Trump winning majority of women

Trump surprisingly wins significant women's vote
Trump surprisingly wins significant women's vote

If you listen to the mainstream media's political pundits, Donald Trump has spoken so poorly of women that he could never win their support in the election -- but right now he is.

After making what many considered to be misogynistic statements, most recently by calling out Hillary Clinton for playing the "woman's card," Trump won a majority of women in the most recent Republican primary races.

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Exit poll data from three of the five most recent GOP primaries show Trump has the highest percentage of support from right-leaning women in those states.

Check out the people who really support Trump:

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The greatest percentage came from Connecticut, where 59 percent of female primary voters backed Trump. The numbers in Pennsylvania (54 percent) and Maryland (50percent) show at least half of republican women throwing their support behind him.

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This isn't the first time Trump has performed well with the Republican women voting in primaries. He also won that group in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

And while Trump has been quick to claim lately that women don't like Hillary Clinton, the numbers tell a different story.

On Tuesday, Clinton won big with women — earning 67 percent of Democratic women voters in Maryland, and 59 percent of voters in Pennsylvania as Trump and Clinton's leads seems to grow larger heading into the general election, all women will very soon have to make a decision about the historic showdown.