Influential Twitter investor Chris Sacca explains why Mark Cuban will be elected President of the United States

Kevin Durant Calls Mark Cuban an Idiot
Kevin Durant Calls Mark Cuban an Idiot

President Mark Cuban? The idea might sound crazy to some, but not to billionaire investor and "Shark Tank" guest Chris Sacca, who not only thinks it can happen, but will.

Sacca was a guest on "The Bill Simmons Podcast" and spent some time discussing Sacca's appearances on "Shark Tank" with Cuban. That's when he interrupted one conversation to make his bold prediction.

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"By the way, can I make a prediction for your audience?" Sacca starts. "I think [Cuban] is going to be President of the United States ... Mark Cuban will be President of the United States."

Sacca went on to explain that he thinks Cuban will be elected in 2024 "as a very moderate Republican," after Hillary Clinton serves two terms.

He then explained why he believes Cuban will be next in line, and it basically comes down to this: Mark Cuban is Donald Trump without all the stuff that people hate. That is, Cuban is a successful businessman who cares and is open-minded (emphasis ours):

"Think about it, Donald Trump, one of things I have learned that has just been wild about my own personal journey and watching Cuban and watching Trump, is that the minute you are labeled a billionaire in this country, everyone takes every thing you say as bible. You can do no wrong. They just think 'Well, that guy is smart. He made a bunch of money. He must be a genius. And it is completely untrue, obviously. You know a lot of billionaires who are wrong about a lot of things. Like, I love Mark Cuban, but I think he happens to be wrong more than he is right and that's why we've become good friends. But you listen to people who support Donald Trump and you see they just eat at the trough of his bulls***. But they think it is just all inherently true because, look, the guy is a billionaire, he made these businesses. The United States is a country that should be run like a business, so let's hire a really successful businessman to do it. I think Cuban has all that. Watch the engagement he has on Twitter and you'll see, people just take what he says as Gospel completely [Bill Simmons interjects and asks if Cuban is just a benevolent Donald Trump] That's exactly right! He's not an idiot and he actually does care and he does read and he is convincible on some things ... I think America loves that guy. I think he's not an idiot. People take him at his word because he's a billionaire. I think he's got cross-over appeal. He's the American Dream. I'm putting it out there right now. Mark Cuban will be President of the United States."

Presumably, when Sacca calls Cuban "the American Dream," he is referring to how he built his fortune from scratch and was not born into a wealthy family.

Cuban has brought up the idea of running for president in the past, saying at one point that he could "crush [Trump], no doubt about it," but later added he was not going to run for president. Still, he also called running for President, "a fun idea to toss around," suggesting he is open to the idea of doing it at some point in the future.

It is still eight years away, but the 2024 election is already starting to sound very interesting.

You can listen to the segment here, beginning at the 1:15:00 mark.

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