Chinese artist Liu Bolin is the real life master of disguise

Chinese Artist Disappears
Chinese Artist Disappears

What's it like to wear an invisibility cape in real life? We can't ask Harry Potter and Co., but we can ask Chinese artist Liu Bolin, who has become world famous for his "disappearing act."

Known for being a human chameleon within his own work, Bolin has gained notoriety for his ability to blend in, going unnoticed in whatever background he chooses.

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While his work is quirky and fun, there's always a strong sociopolitical commentary behind it as well.

In an interview with Photography of China back in 2014, Bolin stated, "When I started the series my artworks reflected my protest against fatality and my investigations. [..] My artworks were testimonies to the developments of Chinese society and were all imbued with my own thoughts on society problems."

His latest project comes in conjunction with the United Nations for their exhibit, "We Are What We Eat." Bringing together five of the most influential people in the modern art community, the exhibit will showcase works that "conveys the concept of food safety and security, reflecting on how these concepts are linked not only to population health and well-being, but also to economic and social platforms such as human potential and productivity."

See if you can spot Bolin in his masterpieces below:

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