Angry vegans issue death threats over restaurant owners' diet change

Angry Vegans Issue Death Threats Over Restaurant Owners' Diet Change
The Smiths famously sang that "Meat Is Murder," but it turns out omnivores aren't the only ones with potentially violent tendencies.

The owners of two vegan hotspots in California, Cafe Gratitude and Gracias Madre, have been dealing with increasing hostility from the vegan community after revealing their decision to eat meat again.

Matthew and Terces Englehart were vegetarians for 40 years and vegan since 2003.

Their restaurants have consistently attracted those who choose not to have any animal products in their diet to their locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Then the couple began raising animals on their farm for manure to fertilize their organic vegetable crops.

In 2015, they wrote about the change in diet on their blog, and the negative reaction has only gotten worse since.

The Engelharts say they only eat meat from animals raised humanely on their own farm, but some vegan fans are still calling for a boycott.

Not only that, but the owners say they've been receiving death threats from angry vegans who feel deceived.

Death threats over a hamburger? Sounds like they need to make like a vegan gazpacho and chill.

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